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Raleigh Company Hopes To Connect Digital Devices

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RALEIGH — Many of us stay connected to our co-workers or friends using digital devices like Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), cell phones and computers. Transferring information between these gadgets can be a pain, but a Raleigh company's solution makes the process simple.

"(Data) input is too difficult to do on the Palm Pilot, so you do it on the (computer). Well, the phone is even more difficult so (simplifying the input is) sort of the idea," said Leif Petterson, who along with Rob Lease, co-founded Nexthaus.

And it is an idea Nexthaus, with its new SyncSuite software, hopes to capitalize on. The bundle of information tools may soon come with digital phones, but your computer is the key.

"(We want to) provide a hub of communication, be able to synchronize back and forth from not only your phone, but your PDA and maybe Outlook or Outlook Express," says Lease.

SyncSuite provides a complete personal information package, daily appointments, tasks and messages, a calendar, address book and more. Updated information is fed by cable or infrared port to PDAs and phones. You can broadcast short messages, send e-mail or fax documents from your computer. It also turns a digital phone into a wireless modem for use with a laptop computer.

No matter where you are, perhaps in your car, SyncSuite puts all the personal information you need right on your cell phone.

SyncSuite reveals the built-in features of today's digital phones which many users do not know about, and makes them simple to use.

"Someone with a new phone, say in the last two years for example, can start taking advantage of more than just the voice capability," says Lease.

Lease says Nexthaus is working on partnerships with mobile phone makers and others to get SyncSuite to the mass market.


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