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Two Cary Youths Accused Of Stealing From Neighbors' Mailboxes

Posted July 13, 2001 9:49 a.m. EDT

— Cary police say the culprits in a fraud case involving dozens of victims are two boys who are not even teenagers.

Investigators believe the kids got into their neighbors' mailboxes, took the mail and used the financial information from the mail to order everything from videos to an ice cream maker.

As a result, neighbors like Bruce Quirk are taking precautions.

"There are people who have put in alarm systems, and I had my locks changed last week," he says.

Another neighbor purchased an industrial strength mailbox made of steel that is only accessible by key.

Cary police say right now they have reports of about 80 incidents involving mailbox thefts, but they say there could be more. They are urging anyone else who believes they were victimized to call the police department.