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Cary Market Grand For Asians

Posted July 12, 2001 8:32 a.m. EDT

— Going out for Chinese food may be a treat for your family, but many Asian families in the Triangle eat food like that at home every day, and many shop for their groceries -- and a little culture -- at the Grand Asia Market.

Grand Asia is one of the largest Asian grocery stores in the Triangle.

Albert T'o opened the market four years ago, when he had trouble finding Asian foods for his own family.

Now he stocks soy sauce by the gallon, rice by the 50-pound bag, and every type of pork imaginable.

"Pork ears, pork hocks, pork legs, spare ribs and kidneys, pork melts. What's a pork melt? Spleen. Medical term is pork spleen," T'o said.

Much of this food requires an acquired taste -- like the Vietnamese chicken eggs.

"If you shake it, you can hear something solid rocking in there. It's a tiny chicken," said T'o.

People do not just shop here for the exotic foods. They also come for the atmosphere.

"It gives you a sense of security, familiarity and comfort. That's what I come here for," said Kathleen Wu.

Wu also likes the prepared dishes in the take-out area of the back of the store.

But for many local Asians, the Grand Asia Market has all that they need to go home and make it themselves.

The Grand Asia Market is located at South Hills Mall in Cary. It is open six days a week. It is becoming popular with many non-Asians as well.