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Florida Biopharma To Begin Marketing Respirics Inhaler

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Accentia Biopharmaceuticals is preparing to begin sales of new, patented inhalers developed by Raleigh-based



Respirics has developed inhalers that are breath-activated and designed to deliver measured doses of drugs for treatments of such ailments as asthma. The Respirics devices also count the number of doses remaining with each prescription.

Accentia, which is based in Tampa FL, will sell Respirics' MD Turbo devices through its TEAMM Pharmaceuticals subsidiary.

"Measured-dose inhalers have been around for about 50 years. But MD Turbo is the first companion product to solve two of the biggest challenges facing MDI users: coordination of inhaler actuation with patient's breath, and the accounting of how much medication is left in the inhaler," said Gil Mott, president and chief executive officer of Respirics. "We are all very excited about introducing a new product to the market that can improve the quality of care."

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