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Soldier Runs Over 500 Miles On Broken Foot

Posted July 12, 2001 8:27 a.m. EDT

— Soldiers train to be tough, but one Fort Bragg soldier took his toughness to a whole new level.

In May, 35-year-old Specialist George Floyd set out to run more than 500 miles in 12 days. Before he reached the 60-mile marker though, he broke his foot.

"I couldn't move. I started crawling, and I had to go slow on a limp until it was numb," said Floyd.

He said he was prepared to die, but not prepared to surrender to pain. He said it was "excruciating."

Floyd ran to raise money for the Parks and Recreation Department in his hometown of Baltimore. And because of his promise to the kids, he ran the whole way with his broken foot.

"I couldn't see quitting. I want the kids to see when problems arise, you can't quit at the first opportunity when things get hard. You've got to keep going and pressing on, have faith," said Floyd.

Floyd's original plan was to run 18 hours a day with six hours sleep, but once he hurt his foot, he was worried about getting to the finish line on time. So he changed his plan and ran 24 hours a day, then rested for three. Amazingly, he finished ahead of schedule.

His company commander ran the last stretch with Floyd.

"Not only is he an outstanding paratrooper but an outstanding man who has care for his fellow man," said his commander.

Floyd was originally set to run 525 miles, but because of detours from construction, he actually ended up running 540 miles. He is now off crutches and back at work at Fort Bragg.