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EMS Program Combines Virtual Training, Life-Saving Techniques

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Research Triangle Institute's

Virtual EMS

program gives paramedics hands-on training to test their skills.

Much better than an actor or mannequin, Virtual EMS fills the void between book training and real-life victims.

"This product fits right into the middle of that. It lets you practice those skills in scenario settings on a personal computer," says Sam Field, Director of Digital Engineering.

From securing the scene, checking vitals and getting the patient to the hospital, the mouse acts as your hands. The patient reacts to every move. Just like in real life, a mistake can be deadly. While this program is specifically designed for EMS, it is capable of doing much more.

"We can then expand this to address people in emergency rooms, critical care, nursing -- anyone who is interested in training their people in how to handle emergencies," Field says.

RTI is looking for trained EMS workers to try out the program and give your input. If you're interested, you can call



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