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Jeff Varner 'Survives' A Day With WRAL

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RALEIGH — Would ex-Survivor's Jeff Varner survive a day at WRAL? We planned a day of challenges and activities just for him.



and UNC-Chapel Hill graduate was up before dark,talking to listeners at Mix101.5 WRAL-FM.

Later, we challenged Jeff to teach WRAL's Mark Roberts how to"cheer" along side N.C. State's championship squad.

Mark was a good sport, but has decided to stick to his day job.

A famished Jeff was quickly whisked off to have lunch with winners ofa MIX 101.5 radio contest.Then it was off to Chapel Hill for a special visit with patients atthe

North CarolinaJaycee Burn Center


Back in Raleigh to wrap up his day, the former Kucha tribe memberwent online to chatabout his Survivor experience with WRAL.com visitors.

It was a fun, busy day -- and Jeff survived!


Michelle Singer, Web Editor

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