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Concerns About Online Privacy Still Exist; UNC Library Expands Southern Web Site

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RALEIGH — A new survey shows people like using the Internet but still do not trust it with personal information. Plus, the UNC-Chapel Hill library is expanding its Web site, Documenting the American South, adding three more sections.

Documenting the American South

is a massive undertaking.

North American Slave Narratives

features 230 items including biographies of fugitive and former slaves published before 1920. The National Endowment for the Humanities funded the work, which features pictures, poetry and historical narratives you are not likely to find anywhere else.

The Southern Homefront

was funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. It offers narratives and more than 1,000 pictures from the Confederate era.

The Church in the Southern Black Community

documents how African-Americans experienced and changed Protestant Christianity in the South.

Concerns About Online Privacy Still Exist

Millions of people jump on the Internet every day. A new study by the Markle Foundation finds two-thirds of them see the Internet positively.

However, concerns about personal privacy and security persist.

"People feel that those who are operating the Internet, those who are putting information on the Internet, have not provided a way to get around the impersonal nature of the Internet," says Zoe Baird of the Markle Foundation.

Much of the problem stems from secondary uses of information by marketers, business and government.

"The misuse of data is where the private concern really is," says Richard Smith of the Privacy Foundation. "We've got all these devices collecting information about us. We have good uses for them -- the things that we sign up for, but those secondary uses may someday come back and bite us."

More than half the people surveyed by the Markle Foundation said the public has fewer rights and protections online than in comparable off-line activities.


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