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Fast-Moving Storm Causes Trouble on Triangle Roads

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CARY — Less than a week after heavy storms hit the area, parts of the Triangle got another dose of rain late Monday night.

In Cary, a clogged drain pipe along Lilly Atkins Road and Lochmere Drive caused problems.

The water backed up, and within minutes, the street was flooded with three feet of water.

Donna Kinton was driving her SUV along the road when she realized the road had suddenly dissolved into three feet of water, leaving her stranded.

"I grabbed my cell phone, then it fell in the water. I was trying to call. It was bad. I didn't think there was anybody on the road. It was pretty scary," she says.

Kelly Brown says she tried every alternate route she could think of to get home, without much success.

"[Police] stopped me not very far into Kildaire [Farm Road] and said go around to Cary Parkway. And then I was stopped and I decided to go back to Holly Springs and back through Lilly Atkins and I stopped again," she says.

Cary Police say, the drain pipe got clogged with dirt, wet grass and leaves because of the heavy rain in a short amounts of time.

It took them about 45 minutes to reopen the road.

Officers say that the SUV getting stuck illustrates the danger of driving through standing water.

Police say if you can't see the road, pull over and wait or call for help.

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