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Corporate Cooking Classes A Recipe For Team Building

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RALEIGH — Employees at IBM, Nortel, Cisco Systems and many other companies are meeting in the kitchen to to accomplish a goal.It is the latest trend employers are using for team building exercises.

At a downtown Raleigh cooking class, attorneys from Maupin, Taylor and Ellis and their spouses participate in a team building exercise.

"The employees can get together in a non-stressful environment, have some fun, do something interesting and different and bond a little bit," says Raymond Rodgers of

Chef Rameaux's School of Cooking


Instead of bonding on a ropes course, the lawyers and others are bonding in the kitchen.

"This is a lot better than a ropes course, because at the end, you're not filthy. You get to eat the food," says Rodgers.

"In order for you to work effectively with other attorneys in the department you have to be comfortable with these other people," says attorney William Barrett.

Rodgers, a retired N.C. State University professor, came up with the idea almost four years ago. That is when he decided to focus his efforts on teaching food and fellowship.

"You get people who want to show off to me, want to impress the boss," he says. "So I bet they try to impress the boss at work, too."

Participants learn to prepare a three-course meal.After the class, not everyone will become a certified Cajun chef, but they will have a lot of fun trying while becoming a better team.

Classes at the Chef Rameaux's School of Cooking run about $35 per person. A minimum of 12 people is needed to book a class and the maximum is 30 people.

Cajun cooking classes are open to the public every Tuesday night.


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