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Carthage Group Hunts Ghosts

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MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — Either you believe in ghosts, or you do not. Proving such things exist is hard, maybe even impossible, but a team of ghost hunters in Moore County, who call themselves Seven Paranormal Research, is trying to do just that.

In the field of paranormal research, says Katie Harrington, scary stories are just hearsay. What ends up on film or tape is what confounds the skeptics.

"The first thing you heard was a couple of bells. We got just a whole slew of bells. None of this was heard while we taped," Harrington says of a recording the group made.

Photographs and recordings are all taken according to protocols of the International Ghost Hunter's society.

"And our protocols include no smoking. There's a whole list of them," says Harrington.

Katie and other team members, Christine Storrs and Donald Sweeney, respond to stories of hauntings, whether in cemeteries, homes or even an old Moore County church.

"This upper window is where you're going to see the woman's face. This lower window is going to be where you see the children," says Sweeney, pointing to the key areas of the photo.

The real glass is leaded with dips and curves, bending light and reflections. Harrington and Sweeney see ghostly figures, but not everyone does.

"I must be the only person in the world that can't see this," says Storrs.

They hope their research as a whole will add to evidence by other ghost hunters to convince the world something is out there.

"But people will have to take your word for it. Unfortunately in this field, that's the entire case," says Harrington.

Seven Paranormal Research is a non-profit organization and they do not charge for investigations.