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Counterfeit Check Ring Discovered During Wreck Investigation

Posted April 7, 2006 9:13 a.m. EDT

— A hit-and-run investigation mushroomed into the bust of a counterfeit check ring. Inside the car, police found thousands of dollars in checks -- all part of an identity theft ring.

"When we searched the car, we found 32 counterfeit checks," Detective Peter Montero said.

The driver was nowhere to be found, but detective Montero would track the owner of the car, Lisa Thomas, down. He found her at the Cumberland County Jail, where she was already under arrest for passing a counterfeit check.

After pulling a search warrant for Thomas's house, investigators found computer programs to create fake checks, evidence she was scamming several colleges to get Pell Grants, phony utility bills and birth certificates to get bogus ID's were also discovered.

Investigators believe Thomas had help weaving this web of deception. So far, Shiloh Cox has also been arrested and police are looking into several other suspects.

Detectives believe Thomas and Cox may have been passing fake checks from several different community colleges and a retirement group.