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DNA Results Could Shed New Light On Duke Lacrosse Investigation

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DURHAM, N.C. — The district attorney's office in Durham said it will not release the DNA results in connection with allegations made against the Duke lacrosse team, but defense attorneys for some of the players say they plan to. Right now, the samples are still at the lab and the results will determine how this case moves forward.

When a judge ordered 46 members of Duke's lacrosse team to submit DNA samples, each player had his cheek swabbed by forensic specialists. In March, an exotic dancer told police three teammates raped, sodomized and beat her for 30 minutes inside a Durham house during a party.

District Attorney Mike Nifong hopes DNA will lead investigators to the suspects. He asked the SBI lab in Raleigh to expedite the testing, not wanting to wait months for the results.

Testing is done in at least two different phases as analysts extract portions of DNA from the swabs.

Defense attorneys for some of the players said if the rape happened the way it has been reported in court papers, there would likely be some sort of DNA found on the victim. They said they are confident the results will come back without a match.

In other developments, a defense attorney for one of players says he knows who made the 911 call the night of the alleged gang rape.

"We're absolutely positive the caller was not the accuser, but the other young lady there," Cheshire said.

Cheshire said witnesses have talked to the woman and a comparison of audio tapes proves the caller was the second dancer at the party, but Durham police say they do not know who called.