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Attorneys In Britt Case Reveal New Details

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LUMBERTON, N.C. — Myron Britt is accused of killing his wife, a Wake County teacher. All along, prosecutors publicly shared evidence to support their death penalty case against him. Now Britt's attorneys are finally showing some of their hand.

With Britt's trial coming up in a month, defense lawyers filed a brief asking the judge to issue a gag order to prevent investigators from speaking publicly about the case. The judge denied the request. However, the brief is still very telling about the defense's case.

First, prosecutors say the State Bureau of Investigation linked a bullet from the crime scene to Britt. However, the defense says two "former FBI" instructors couldn't find enough "markings... to make an identification."

Second, prosecutors say investigators found "divorce papers" involving Britt and his wife, Nancy. Defense lawyers content that those papers do not exist. They say detectives did not find "any documents" at either the Britt's home or the crime scene that confirm divorce plans. They also say "Nancy Britt's emails" and a family member's "diary" never mention "marital difficulties."

Moreover, prosecutors say the Britts were having "financial" problems. Defense lawyers say the only debt was their home and a "speculation house" for Britt's company. They also say the couple had "good to excellent" credit.

Finally, prosecutors believe Britt killed his wife for the money from Nancy's life insurance policy. The defense says that although he did have insurance on her, she also had an "identical policy" on him, as do many couples.

The defense says these are "merely a few examples" to be used in the upcoming trial. They plan to show more, in hopes of saving Britt's life. Prosecutors told WRAL that the district attorney is the only person allowed to discuss the details of the case, but he was not available for a response.


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