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Artist Turns Twist Of Fate Into Handiwork As She Stitches For A Cure

Posted July 5, 2001 5:23 a.m. EDT

— Darlene O'Steen has the touch of an artist.

"I love the feel of silk and linen in my hands," she says.

O'Steen uses her hands to bring history to life.

The internationally-acclaimed needlework designer, author and teacher twists threads in honor of a twist of fate.

"I had some pain in my arm, and I had a feeling there was a problem," she says. "That's when they discovered that I had breast cancer."

Fear and faith intertwined into tangled emotions.

"The chemotherapy was the toughest," O'Steen says. "It made me realize what was important to me in my life."

Now, O'Steen's life is embroidered with faith.

She uses her needlework to raise money for cancer research. Every year, she holds a training seminar in Williamsburg, Va. Course fees and donations are given to the American Cancer Society. This year's seminar raised more than $24,000.

Darlene says five years after her diagnosis with breast cancer, she is feeling great.