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Cary Celebration Draws Early Birds

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CARY — Last year, Cary's fireworks display was said to be tops in the Tar Heel state. That is one reason people come early to get a good spot. And not hours early: people showed up days ahead of time, and latecomers will have a tough time finding a spot.

Early birds like Marcus Edwards will get the best view of tonight's lakeside fireworks display. By 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, Regency Park was already dotted with blankets and tarps. The Edwards family spent the morning staking out a waterfront seat for tonight's show. "Just to get ready for the fun and frivolity. It's gonna be a blast. Can't wait. (You) gotta get out here early. You see all the blankets. If you don't get here early, you're not gonna make it," he says.

Bob Eberle is not letting a little case of jet lag get in his way. He knows from experience that if you do not get here early, you are out of luck.

"It's very early, seeing as how I got back at two in the morning from Dallas. Last year or the year before, by this time, there were no spots. It gets really crowded by noon," Eberle says.

David and Barbara Mann may have the best seat in the house. And they should. David rolled out their tarp Tuesday night -- 24 hours before the show.

"I got off work and picked up the tarps and got here about 6:00 last night and a lot of the prime real estate was already taken," David Mann says.

A lot of people put down their blankets -- or whatever they use to mark their spot -- and planned to come back later. But the Manns are making a day of it, while they wait for friends to join them. Barbara calls it an enforced vacation.

"We brought all the reading we've been wanting to do, to catch up on, the newspaper, food, telephones to make phone calls to people," Barbara Mann says.

People who got to the park early should see a show worth waiting for. The North Carolina Symphony starts playing in the new ampitheater at 7:30, and the fireworks are scheduled for 9:15.