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Father Says Child Still Suffers Following Carjacking

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NASH COUNTY — Jeremy Hayes, whose wife was abducted in Greenville then killed in Nash County last Saturday, says his 11-month-old son is still suffering.

Nicholas Hayes was left alone with his dying mother for seven hours Saturday before someone found them in a field. Deputies say Andre Edwards killed Ginger Hayes by beating her with a tire rim, then left Nicholas alone.

"If you ask the professionals, they'll tell you that he has no idea, but if you watch him sleep, you can see the nightmares. You can see him jumping, scared," says Hayes.

Nicholas was initially treated and released from the hospital, but has been re-admitted with a severe sunburn.

"You can't describe it, you can't. To see him lying there in bed with so much medication in him that he doesn't want to move," says Hayes.

Hayes was driving his wife and son back to Virginia Saturday when he went into a drug store for snacks.

A few minutes later, the car and his family were gone. At first, he thought his wife Ginger was playing a prank.

"We went across the street to another gas station and started making phone calls to the cell phones that were in the car. None of them were getting answered, and I knew they worked," says Hayes.

He did not know that Ginger and Nicholas Hayes were being driven to Nash County.

Deputies say 31-year-old Andre Edwards beat Ginger Hayes in the head with a tire rim and left Nicholas to die.

The grieving husband and father hopes for justice.

"I will say that there's nothing in my opinion that can be done that would be enough," he says.

Edwards is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder.


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