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Future Of Handheld Devices Gets 'Brighter'; Travel Through Johnston County Online

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RALEIGH — It seems almost everyone is putting up a Web site these days. Some promote people and companies while one even promotes a crossroad! Plus, displays for handheld items such as phones and PDAs may soon get a lot brighter.

The Future Of Handheld Devices Is About To Get Brighter

A new technology called

E Ink

allows images up to six times brighter than the LCD displays we are used to.

"Electronic ink displays read like ink on paper and can be viewed in bright outdoor light or dim indoor light with little eye strain," says Mike McCreary of E Ink Corporation.

E Ink will be used on new generations of personal digital assistants and electronic books. The company is also working on color versions of the technology but black and white will be first. The electronic ink displays could begin showing up sometime next year.

Travel Through Johnston County Online

People in the Triangle may know where Interstate 40 and Highway 42 meet. For those who do not,


tells you all you need to know.

Links take you to local news from the communities of Cleveland and Clayton. Local merchants advertise merchandise while a discussion group keeps everyone talking.

The Web site also features traffic cameras.


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