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Raleigh City Council To Vote On Oberlin Project Today

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RALEIGH — Raleigh City Council members are expected to vote this afternoon on whether to rezone 15 acres off Wade Avenue and Oberlin Road to develop new offices, homes and shops, a complex opponents call "Coker Towers," after developer Neal Coker.

Coker needs six of the eight council members to vote in favor of his request in order to rezone the land. After nearly a year of contentious debate, those votes will not come easy.

Opponents hope council members will reject the rezoning request.

"We made the offer to Neal Coker that if the council turns this down, we would be willing to go into mediation with him with an independent smart growth facilitator and try to work out a good project on this site starting from scratch," says ???.

Coker says that will not happen. He does not feel there has been a genuine or sincere effort to work out a compromise and describe what they would like to see on that property.

The council meeting begins at 1 p.m.

The council could force the developer and opponents go through some type of mediation.

Coker also built 510 Glenwood.

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