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State Troopers Test-Drive New Cruisers

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State Highway Patrol

has a brand-new tool to fight bad guys on the road -- new Chevy Camaros.

State troopers started testing the new cruisers on Monday. The cruisers can reach speeds of close to 160 miles per hour. The State Highway Patrol is using the unopened portion of U.S. Highway 64 North in Pittsboro to test out the new cars.

The Highway Patrol believes the new horsepower will actually reduce the number of high-speed chases.

"[You're] not having to chase a guy down to stop him for a speeding ticket over a distance of four or five miles, as compared to [the new Camaros], you can do it in less than half a mile," says Sgt. Doug Pendergraph of the Highway Patrol Training Center.

The road debut was delayed because of money. The budget left out blue lights for the cars, but now everything is a go.

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