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Wilson Samaritan Receives Help

Posted July 1, 2001 6:55 a.m. EDT

— A Wilson woman who helps strangers every weekend is getting a little help of her own, and the generosity of others is keeping food on the table for those she looks after.

Mattie Brown started a food kitchen for the needy seven years ago, after seeing something that changed her heart.

"I was driving down East Nash Street and I came across a store and there were two children in a dumpster, scrapping food, a girl and a boy," she says.

Brown stopped and offered them food. When she discovered that the only other soup kitchen in town is closed most weekends, she started feeding others; people like Colleen Whitaker and Lila White.

"She has good food," says Whitaker

"She's a doll baby. She helps the homeless. She feeds them every weekend. She's real sweet," says White

But there is a problem.

Brown's power was cut off a few days ago. She has not been able to pay all of her power bill since January.

When councilman Bill Pitt heard about it, he stepped in and took a message to city hall.

"If you would just find a way to cut her utilities back on, we will find a way to pay her bill," Pitt told them.

Mattie Brown got some good news Saturday. Someone anonymously paid the entire utility bill for her, almost $4,000. She says they did more good than they will ever know.

"For the Mattie Hill Brown Food Kitchen, the homeless people in the street, we truly, truly, thank you very, very much," she says.

Donations are still needed to keep kitchen up and running for the long term. A benefit lunch is planned for Saturday, July 14 at Fikewood center in Wilson. You can also make a donation at city hall or at the Wilson police department.