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Chatham County Votes To Raise Property Taxes

Posted June 29, 2001 2:58 a.m. EDT

— Chatham County commissioners approved a new tax rate. They voted 4-1 to raise property taxes by 64 cents.

The new tax rate per $100 evaluation is 64.64 cents, about 10 cents short of the 75 cents per $100 sought by County Manager Charlie Horne.

The $53 million operating budget would cover everything from school operations to social services.

Currently, the county has an 85-cent tax rate per $100 valuation. The new rate may mean higher taxes for some residents because property values have increased so much.

The county is seeking other sources of revenue besides taxes. Commissioners approved a measure this Spring that charges new subdivisions fees that go toward recreation. They also approved a resolution last month supporting lobbying efforts by the N.C. Association of County Commissioner, which is seeking legislative approval to give counties the right to add an extra cent in sales taxes.