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Neighborhood Street Becoming Trash Dump, Residents Say

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Some Raleigh residents say they are concerned that the city isn't offering a long-term solution to a trash problem that they consider to be major.
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    Located off of Van Dyke Avenue, not far from Oberlin Road and Cameron Village, residents in the University Park neighborhood say people are using their street as a trash dump.

    "(I'm) very frustrated," said resident Steve McCreery. "It's been a big issue with me personally, and a lot of my neighbors."

    Over the past few years, residents say, people have placed unwanted items in the neighborhood, such as sofas, chairs, old tires and other items on Fairall Drive.

    "It hasn't gone away since I moved here 3½ years ago," McCreery said. "I wish it would. I have better things to do than call the city and tell them someone left a couch on my street. And it's not my responsibility to pick it up."

    The city has picked up all the trash from Fairall Drive, but Raleigh's street superintendent, Elwood Davis, said that unless someone is caught in the act, it is difficult to stop the dumping.

    The city could post "no dumping" signs, but Davis said that people who dump probably wouldn't stop to read them.

    "Right now, we are reactive," Davis said. "The best way to deal with it is to get it up quickly so it doesn't lay there and beg for more."

    The City of Raleigh will pick up bulky items, such as old mattresses and furniture, for free. Residents only have to call the city's Solid Waste Services at

    (919) 831-6890

    to schedule a pickup time.