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Two Cameron Village Stores Plan Space Swap

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A store swap of sorts is in the works to relieve parking problems at a popular Raleigh shopping center.

Property owners at Cameron Village would like to move the Harris Teeter grocery store to a location currently operated by an Eckerd drug store just a few blocks away.

Under the manager's proposal, the Eckerd store would be demolished and a new Harris Teeter with more parking opportunities would be built in its place.

"The Harris Teeter is our largest tenant," said John Pharr, the vice president of Regency Centers, the company that recently purchased Cameron Village. "They (Harris Teeter) are the economic engine."

The Eckerd store would be moved under the proposal to the old Harris Teeter location -- if both sides can agree on construction -- and could be complete by 2008.

Developers are also hoping to add condominiums to the new site.


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