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MindSpring Is Back - The Name, at Least - as a Different Service

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ATLANTA, GA. — MindSpring

is back - at least in name.


, which acquired the Atlanta-based Internet Service Provider in 2000, chose MindSpring as the branding name for the Internet voice calling and instant messaging service it launched on Monday. MindSpring is designed to work with personal computers.

The EarthLink service is built around a software application that can be downloaded free of charge at www.mindspring.com. MindSpring is available for high-speed Internet users running Windows XP or 2000. An EarthLink account is not required.

"The MindSpring name is back, better than ever helping EarthLink lead the way in Internet voice communications with cool new Internet tools and technology," said Tom Hsieh, director of voice products and engineering at EarthLink. "Staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues just got a whole lot easier as consumers can use MindSpring to talk and send messages PC-to-PC in real-time, for free."

The EarthLink service operates with Voice over Internet Protocol technology for voice calls and instant messaging. The service also includes voicemail and web mail. MindSpring users can have one identity for e-mail, instant messaging and phone calls.

Users can utilize their PCs to dial regular telephone numbers at the cost of 2 cents per minute. PC-to-PC calls are free.

The new service is part of EarthLink's strategy to provide a full suite of communication services. EarthLink also offers a bundle of high-speed Internet access and VoIP telephony service.

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