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Neighbors At Knightdale Intersection Not Surprised About Fatal Car Accident

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KNIGHTDALE — Two sisters from Raleigh lost their lives at a

Knightdale intersection

when the driver pulled out from Marks Creek Road onto Highway 64. Neighbors say they have been begging the

State Department of Transporation

for a traffic light for more than five years.

James Eddins is reeling from the death of his mother, 66-year-old Francis McDade Eddins and his aunt, 84-year-old Vivian McDade Massey. Eddins says both were as close as two sisters could be.

"Mother always took Aunt Vivian around to get her hair fixed, shopping, to the eye doctor -- just like they were yesterday," he says.

Eddins, the younger of the two sisters, was behind the wheel of her car when the deadly accident happened. Investigators say Eddins pulled out onto Highway 64 from Marks Creek Road. A truck traveling east on Highway 64 slammed into them, killing both women.

Joyce Barham lives on Marks Creek Road. She and her neighbors have been asking DOT to install a stoplight at the intersection for years.

"[It] scared me to death. I almost have a panic attack when I go up there," she says.

The DOT says it has received eight letters about the intersection since 1995, but their records show it is not as dangerous as some people think.

Between 1996 and 2000, there were 46 accidents at Highway 64 and Marks Creek Road. None of them was fatal and only two people were injured seriously enough to go to the hospital.

The DOT plans to build a concrete median that prevents cars on Marks Creek Road from turning left or going straight across Highway 64, but Barham is not convinced it will help.

"If they put up a stoplight, that would help, but this crossover thing, I don't see where it's going to work," she says.

DOT officials say it took a couple of years working with the city and county to find the best solution for the intersection. They plan to start working on the improvements this summer and finish by the end of the year.


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