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Don't Let Japanese Beetles Bug You This Summer

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RALEIGH — Chances are you have seen a lot small, green pests in your yard this summer. They are called Japanese beetles and they are not exactly harmless.

The creepy, green insects that fly and can also damage plants in your yard.

"It leave big holes in the plant and eats the leaves right away," says landscaper David Argay.

Argay has received hundreds of calls from people wanting to know what to do to get rid of these pests.

He says the best thing you can do is spray, even once the damage is done.

"Spray a dust or a liquid. Sevin is one of the best products you can use. You actually spray it right on the leaves and the insect actually eats it and dies," he says.

Argay says the beetles will go into the ground and come back again next year.

You can prevent that from happening by spraying your lawn with substances called Merit or Diazanon.

Plants will absorb the chemical, and when the beetles get hungry next year, their appetites will ultimately kill them. You should put Merit or Diazanon on your lawn in the fall and spring.

If you do not want to use the pesticides, Argay says most of the Japanese beetles will be gone in just a few weeks.


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