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Snakes, Rats Among Problems Left Behind By Hurricane Floyd

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PRINCEVILLE — When snakes are out in the wilderness, most of us do not even think twice about them. But when they move in next door, we notice.

Doris Brown discovered one close to home a few days ago. Flooded homes with neglected yards are a magnet for snakes and rats. It is happening in almost everytown that was flooded by Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

"My pastor, he was doing some work on his trailer and he was coming up in the car and he just saw this big old long black snake going up under his trailer," says Brown.

In Princeville, the Town Hall is telling property owners to keep the land clear, or pay someone else to do it.

The good news is, not one snake or rat bite has been reported. About two-thirds of Princeville's two thousand residents are back home, and old run down homes are getting more rare.

The problem is getting better. But if you really do not like snakes, it cannot happen fast enough.

Some landowners in Wayne County are also battling snakes are rodents. Some had similar problems for years after Hurricane Fran, which hit the Carolinas in 1996.