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UNC-CH Chancellor Offers Compromise On Campus Expansion

Posted June 27, 2001 12:15 p.m. EDT

— In a compromise with the town of Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser has decided that the university will wait eight years to build proposed student housing and has also taken several properties out of the expansion plans.

The town and university have locked horns over the university's expansion since UNC announced a new master plan that would add nearly 5 million square feet of building space to the currently existing 13.6 million.

UNC wants to place student housing in an established neighborhood south of campus, but many residents are opposed. A previous administration had committed to a bed for every undergraduate student.

Many residents are concerned that the university's growth will affect neighborhoods and businesses and have urged the town to reject the master plan.

Current regulations cap growth of the campus at 14 million square feet.