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Raleigh Company Offers Faster Download Time For Computers

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RALEIGH — A Raleigh company called FrameSync is in sync with the need to make using streaming video faster and easier.


of Raleigh developed FrameSync after the production company found streaming video just was not good enough. The company adds text and graphics to video.

"For presentation purposes, it's also very nice because you can do full resolution video plus full resolution graphics," says Larry Gardner, CEO of Videofonics.

Videofonics offers FrameSync only to its clients now, but sees a big future for the technology on the Web.

With Media Player or Real Player, it takes awhile to buffer what you want to see. Framesync does away with that. Rather than just streaming, video, text and graphics are wrapped into a single file.

"As soon as you say you want to see it, the material begins to come in, and it begins to come in at a faster rate than you're looking at it," he says.

FrameSync works only with Apple's QuickTime player, which is free. It does not work with live presentations. The technology offers



"If you have to stop or take a phone call, you can continue again. Meanwhile, the rest of it is still loading," Gardner says.

Gardner says FrameSync is still in development and the company could sell software for users in the future. For best results, FrameSync should be used with high-speed Internet service, preferably at least 200 kilobits per second.


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