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Couple Leaves $1,000 Tip For Pregnant Waitress In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A couple eating at an International House of Pancakes restaurant in Fayetteville recently left a pregnant waitress a $1,000 tip.

The server, Anne Brace, was waiting on a group of soldiers. Lynda and Andrew Alvitre were at another table.

The couple picked up the soldiers' tab, something they do often.

The bill was just $27, but, at the register, the couple threw in the extra money for Brace and her upcoming baby.

"We've always been raised that, if you can help others, do so," Lynda said. "And we're in the position to do so and, so, that's why we did it."

Brace was shocked at the gift.

"My supervisor, Carmen Wells, came running through the kitchen and said, 'Anne, Anne.' She was like, 'Praise Jesus,' " Brace said. "She said, 'These people left you a $1,000 tip, and you need to go and thank them.' "

So, Brace chased after the couple.

"I went running through the restaurant as fast as I possibly could to catch them just to say, 'Thank you,' " Brace said.

Brace is 9 months pregnant and her baby is due in late April. She plans to use the money for her baby.

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