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Animal Control Arrests Two In Alleged Sampson County Dog-Fighting Ring

Posted March 29, 2006 8:10 a.m. EST

— Sampson County authorities are investigating a dog-fighting ring that they say operated in a house -- without the owner's knowledge.

Animal control officers received a tip and raided a house in the northern part of the county. Animal control officers say people broke in and turned the living room into a dog-fighting arena.

Blood was on the walls and floor, and furniture in the house had been rearranged in such a way that dogs could not escape the ring.

The woman who grew up in the house, Brenda McLemore, now lives elsewhere, but still owns the house. She said she had no idea someone was using the house.

Authorities arrested two suspects in connection with the ring -- Tyson Fisher and Bradford DeShazer -- and charged each of them with cruelty to animals.

Animal control officers also seized a pit bull that was bleeding from his face and legs.

"He was in very bad shape when we picked him up," said Sampson County Animal Control Chief Tim Bass. "He hardly could walk from the injuries he received."

Officers think the dog will live.

Last month, the same officers broke up a cockfighting ring and found more than 80 roosters. Five people were arrested in connection with that case.