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Rape, Theft Suspect Could Be In Another State, Halifax Authorities Say

Posted March 29, 2006 7:37 a.m. EST

— Halifax County authorities say a prime suspect in a Scotland Neck rape case could be in another state, and may have changed his appearance.

William Skolsky is wanted in connection with the rape of a young woman at her home more than a month ago, as well as in a string of area thefts in which an estimated $30,000 in jewelry was taken.

Scotland Neck residents are offering more than $1,000 to anyone who gives police information that leads to Skolsky's arrest and conviction. Authorities say that as long as he remains free, there is reason to be afraid.

"He is a threat. He is a dangerous person and we want him captured," Halifax County Sheriff Bobby Martin said.

Skolsky may be gone from the Scotland Neck area, but residents are still angered and upset over the crimes they believe he committed.

Scotland Neck resident Judy Osborne said Skolsky broke into her house and stole all the family jewelry while she was at church. A number of downtown businesses break-ins have also been tied to Skolsky, whom the local church community was trying to help.

"We were trying to help Bill and tried to give him a new start and all of the church people (were) pitching in donations for him and then he turned around and did something like this," Osborne said.