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How You Can Fight Mosquitos

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RALEIGH — The sights of summer include blue skies, blooming flowers and, unfortunately, swarming mosquitos. They breed wherever they find standing water.

However, mosquito expert Laura Weinberg says you can get the little pests out of your life.

"You can use an item called a mosquito dunk, which resembles a doughnut, and it kills off the larvae," she says.

There are also products you can spray or sprinkle on your lawn and shrubs. But if you would rather let Mother Nature take care of the problem, there are some other ways to go about it.

"If you want Mother Nature to help you out, bats are excellent mosquito eaters," Weinberg says.

Yes, bats. One adult bat can eat 500 mosquitos an hour. Weinberg recommends hanging a bat house from a shady tree.

"They come during the day and they fly in and hang upside down and sleep, and during the (evening) they cruise around and eat your mosquitos," she says.

It might sound strange, but Chapel Hill residents Lee and Lisa House say it works. They put one out by the pond in their backyard.

"Our mosquito population has really gone down, especially with the rain. They start coming out and (mosquitos) really love me, and it's fun to see them diving for mosquitos," says Lisa.

If that is not your idea of fun, there are other natural remedies. Plants like citronella and lemon grass are said to repel mosquitos without chemicals and without inviting any creepy creatures into your yard.

Getting rid of mosquitos is important not only because they are annoying, but they can be a health threat to people and especially pets.