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Cary Church Helps Members Deal With Layoffs

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CARY — For many people, Saturday is a day to get away from the job. But that was not the case for some people in the Triangle this Saturday. They went looking for employment, but in an unusual place -- church.

Many families turn to their church during tough times. The Rev. Jerry Smith, of White Plains Methodist Church in Cary, noticed that many members of his church were struggling because of layoffs in the Triangle. He decided the church should do what it could to help.

John Sublette expected to spend his Saturday morning at the church, helping out with a workshop for people who had lost their jobs. He didn't expect to be looking for a job himself. Sublette works for the state as a technology manager. He just found out that his position will be cut from the state budget in September.

"I've got to not take this personally, and I don't take it personally. This is just one of those things. I could be part of a dot-com, and they could send me home tomorrow," says Sublette.

Rev. Smith planned the one-day career workshop because so many church members have been affected by layoffs.

"And some are in real crisis, we've had at least two families who have lost their homes," says Smith.

That is a trend headhunter Ron Capell has also noticed. He donated his time and advice at the workshop.

"So many people are just like John, they think their job is good one day, and it's gone the next," says Capell.

Sublette learned that he is doing a lot of things right in his job search, and although he is in a bind now, he feels confident about where he is headed.

"I can't tell you which company, but I'll still have my family and my house and we'll still be doing just fine," he says.

White Plains Methodist plans to hold more seminars that will focus on other specific needs, like financial planning.


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