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SAS, Corning, Celebrate Anniversaries

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RALEIGH — Two companies celebrate milestones this summer: Corning, known for its glass products, is 150-years-old, and SAS, the world's largest privately owned software company, is 25.

A small, unique gathering in a small building on Raleigh's Hillsborough Street marks the beginning of SAS' 25th anniversary. Jim Goodnight and John Sall began a Triangle success story here, building an internationally renowned company. Ten of the first SAS employees looked through the small offices and reminisced, checking out pictures from the early years.

"It was a great place to get started, and we outgrew it after a few years and had to move on. And we looked all over and found a place out in Cary, and we've been there ever since. But this certainly has some great memories for all of us here," Goodnight says.

Goodnight and co-founder John Sall unveiled a plaque commemorating the founding of their company in 1976. SAS now has 8,000 employees around the world; half of those work on the Cary campus.

While SAS celebrates its 25th anniversary another U.S. company with strong North Carolina ties celebrates a century and a half of innovation that affect us all.

Corning, known for its glass products, was founded in 1851. The company made the first light bulbs for Thomas Edison.

Most of us have Corningware and Pyrex dishes, both products of Corning research. Television tubes were developed by Corning, and the company has become a world leader in fiber optic production with large plants in Wilmington and Concord, North Carolina.

The little company that began by making tabletop glass is, 150 years later, a global technology company.

SAS celebrates its 25th anniversary next month.


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