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Crime Scene Investigators Give Police The Edge Needed To Solve Mysteries

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YOUNGSVILLE — The CBS hit series,


, has North Carolina ties.

Sirchie Labs

, located in Youngsville, provides the show with some of its props, but that is not all. The company is also the leading supplier in the country of evidence-gathering equipment.

Crime scene investigators from all over the country come to the labratory for hands-on training in gathering evidence. With its chemical solutions and hi-tech tools, the lab gives crime scene investigators an edge in building their cases, one clue at a time.

"The process is to identify them, collect them, preserve them, analyze them and reach a conclusion," says Jim Gocke, director of the lab.

The company conducts nine training classes a year. Officers come from all over the country to learn how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. Their ability to do that is key to making a case against a suspected criminal.