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N.C. Lottery Commercials Hit Airwaves

Posted March 27, 2006 1:04 a.m. EST

— Starting this week, you will start to see and hear a lot more about the lottery with radio and TV ads.

The TV ads feature a couple at home scratching off a winning ticket, with a college band, cheerleaders and students with caps and gowns celebrating. The ads also state millions of dollars in proceeds from the lottery will go to help North Carolina schools.


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Director Tom Shaheen said not to expect "get rich quick" commercials or a "hard sell."

"The TV ads is an education message. It's kind of fun, along with informing the public about where the funds are going," Shaheen said. "The radio ads are a lot more fun and talks more about the individual games."

Shaheen said the multi-state game, Powerball, will debut in May.

Another in-state game will begin in the fall. The first scratch-off tickets are set to go on sale Thursday.