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Police Say Smithfield Stores An Outlet For Counterfeit Cash

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SMITHFIELD — A lot of money changes hands in Smithfield's retail row along Interstate 95.

Police there are now chasing what they believe is the biggest counterfeiting wave they have ever come across.

Most of the money in question is $20 and $100 bills.

Even though the new design on U.S. currency makes it easier to find fakes, police say some of the counterfeit bills almost fooled them.

They say the challenge is to get cashiers to check the currency carefully.

Here are ways to tell if you have got the real thing.


U.S. Secret Service

says to look for:

  • A portrait on the watermark
  • A security thread that says USA
  • A bill's denomination
  • A number in the lower right hand corner of the bill that changes color depending on the angle you look at it.
  • Police say you will not get in trouble for accidentally passing along a counterfeit bill. However, you will have to turn it in and you will not get reimbursed.


    Len Besthoff, Reporter
    Michelle Singer, Web Editor

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