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Wake County Parent Upset Over Book In Summer Reading Program

Posted June 19, 2001 5:37 a.m. EDT

— Some parents in Raleigh are outraged over the content of a book included on a summer reading program for children 12 and over.

The book is called "Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging." Suzanne Bass, the mother of one 12-year-old, says the book touches on topics of incest, summoning up Satan, transvestites and even suicide.

She says the silver seal on the cover, an award for children's literature, surprised her.

"Well, I used to think it meant that somebody who knew children's literature had reviewed it and thought it would be appropriate for the children to read. This one didn't represent that at all," she says.

Bass screened the book before her son read it, but she says she has heard from other parents who did not and wish they could have been warned. A Wake County Library spokesperson says parents are encouraged to screen any book their child may read.