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Halifax County Sees Minor Flooding Saturday

Posted June 16, 2001 7:21 a.m. EDT

— It seems like Tropical Storm Allison just does not want to let go of North Carolina. In Scotland Neck Saturday, water from this week's rain rose, but no houses or businesses were damaged.

Children splashed around in floodwater after days of driving rain. Several neighborhood streets are under water. Yards turned into small ponds. The water stopped just short, however, of flooding any homes.

Homeowners like Julius Debrow can only wait until the water recedes. His backyard is swimming in stormwater.

"The water ain't got nowhere to go but just stand here," he says. "I'll be glad when it's gone. For real."

But his kids pulled on their plastic boots and played outside.

The flood was not as much fun for drivers.

Workers temporarily shut down some roads that were covered in water. One driveway was completely washed out. All over the county, cars plunged through high water.

It is no surprise that parts of Scotland Neck are under water. It has rained 12 inches here since Thursday. More rain could come tonight, but meteorologists say it probably will not add much to the rushing floodwaters.

"The news didn't sound like it was gonna be like (Hurricane)Floyd," says Gail Poteat

Fortunately, it was not. But the water still rose behind the Poteat's house. Even their decorative ducks took a dip.

"The little ducks out there that we've got, they were actually swimming," says Poteat.