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Uninvited Guest Allison Leaves Slowly

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RALEIGH — The remnants of Tropical Storm Allison seem to be on the way out of North Carolina, but Thursday was still a wet and dangerous day on Triangle roads. The rain kept tow trucks busy but even after it stopped, the pavement stayed wet, and for some, that proved dangerous.

Aaron Carmona, who was involved in a two-car collision, says the pavement was very slick.

"It was kind of a sharp turn, and I just lost control, slid across the highway, and I felt like I was floating," he says.

A wrecker dragged away his car, but sometimes it is the wreckers which need help. In an accident at Wade and the Beltline, a tow truck mangled a guardrail.

"Usually I see a lot of wrecks whenever it rains," says tow truck driver Bob Lambert. "A lot more people don't want to get out in the rain and do stuff, so I unlock their cars for them, and jump-start their cars and change tires."

Patricia Thorpe called a tow truck to change her tire. It went flat on her way home from work. "I appreciate it," she says. "I was stranded. I didn't know what I was going to do."

Tow-truck companies welcome business, even in the rain, but it might help to follow basic safety rules and give plenty of room to the car in front of you.

In other parts of the Piedmont, some people have a long day of clean-up ahead of them.

Severe weather passed through Rowan County last night. Salisbury received the brunt of the damage.

A microburst of wind sucked out the windows at the front of the Rowan County Justice Center. The force left a foot-wide gap between the wall of windows and the wall. There were also trees on cars, and trees on houses.


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