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Company Produces Cary High Calendars Without Informing The School

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CARY — You might consider buying an ad in a school publication to help out local students, but what if you found out that the money was not going to the school? It happened in Cary.

Last year's calendar raised some money for Cary High. Recently someone else was trying to sell a similar calendar for the upcoming season here, and that raised some questions.

Last month, a representative from a company saying it was making a football schedule for Cary High asked a pastor at a local church about buying an ad. Rev. Macil Duncan thought the ad would benefit the team. He got suspicious when he saw a proof of the ad.

"All they could send me was just a little business-size card with our church name and just the basic information on it," Duncan says. "And we said no, we'd like to see the whole calendar, what are we purchasing, what else will be in there? And we never heard back."

Duncan called Cary High School's athletic director, Lee Mauney. Mauney told him the football team does have several calendars, but none produced by Elite Designs of Arlington Texas, the company that contacted the church.

"I don't know how illegal it is, but I know ethically they have not dealt with Cary High School," Mauney says. "They're doing this on their own and the money they solicit goes in their own pocket."

Mauney says anyone making a calendar with ads benefiting a school athletic program should have an authorization letter from the athletic director.

"We've always told people in the community that have any questions about ads from our booster club, or people soliciting ads for us, that they please call us."

The owner of Elite Designs says her company did not do anything wrong. She says most of the time her calendars are made in cooperation with schools, and that the schools get some of the ad money.