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Bill Proposes Studying UNC System Admission Standards

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RALEIGH — Freshmen at North Carolina State are going through orientation this week. The university accepted them based on the score they got on their SAT or ACT score, and on the school's admission standards. But are those standards fair?

State lawmakers plan to study those standards within the University of North Carolina system. The Chairman of the State Senate Higher Education Committee, Walter Dalton, D-Cleveland County, says it is time to see if there is a better way to weed through applicants.

"Look at what is being done throughout the country, and look a different admission standards throughout the nation," Dalton says, "and tell us do we need to stay this same course or do we need to make changes. And we are interested to see what their study will show."

George Dixon, vice provost for enrollment management and director of admissions for N.C. State, defends test scores. He believes when used properly with other factors, SAT and ACT scores, which have been used for decades, are valid measuring sticks.

"I would be in favor of taking a look at it," says Dixon. "So there are lots of things for us to take a look at, but we are certainly support studying and seeing if there is a better way and if so move in that direction. If not, we shall understand that."

The legislation directs the university system to study admission standards. The report is due in two years.

A provision added by the Senate would have an immediate effect: students younger than 16 could enroll in community college courses.

The bill now returns to the House.


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