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Anti-War Protesters, Opponents Face Off In Fayetteville

Posted March 19, 2006 10:51 a.m. EST

— Peace activists and concerned citizens marched in demonstrations all over the world and in North Carolina Saturday -- the third anniversary of the War in Iraq.

Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators, including parents, students, families and veterans marched through Fayetteville calling for the United States to get out of Iraq.

"There's no reason to go into Iraq," said veteran Blake Callens.

Callens said he thought the U.S. involvement in Iraq was wrong even when he wore the uniform three years ago.

"The idea of this administration -- that we are the most powerful and we can go into any country, take it over and implement our way -- I thought that went out 100 years ago," he said.

Voices of support for the war also joined the chorus of demonstrators. A small group showed their support for the war effort with the message that freedom isn't free.

With federal, state and local authorities keeping watch, both sides apparently kept their differences and their message civil.

"I lived through Vietnam and how people took that for granted," said demonstrator Marvin Wolf. "It's something we shouldn't do. We need to get out of Iraq."

More than 14 agencies, including officers from South Carolina and Virginia, helped with security. No incidents were reported.