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Wired Houses Growing In Popularity

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HOLLY SPRINGS — Once upon a time, you had a telephone in the kitchen and television in the living room. In today's world of personal computers and digital TV, all that has changed, and it is becoming easier to take advantage of high-technology at home.

Eric and Sabrena Goldman cannot wait to get into their new home. Not only will it have more room for their family, it will have high-tech wiring for Eric's home office.

"I can have a faster connection to the Internet," he says. "I can have the Internet on all the time. I don't need to wait to log on, I can just hit a button and I'm on."

Goldman will have more than just high-speed Internet access. He will have a complete wiring system for his whole house. Structured wiring is being installed as a standard feature in all of the new homes in the Holly Glen subdivision in Holly Springs. The system includes high performance video cable and phone lines, all based at one hub.

"The telephone wire we use is a 4-pair twisted wire that allows you to have four different phone numbers," says Andy Felton of Lifestyle Technologies. "The old wiring only allows you to have one phone number."

That means the Goldmans can have a computer, a fax and two separate telephone lines in every room if they want. The developer, Keith Greenwood, says this is what homebuyers are asking for.

"We have a lot of homeowners that work out of their home," he says. "We have some folks that telecommute and we have folks that work in Research Triangle Park, and we just see this as a real great benefit to them."

It is a benefit Eric Goldman wants not only for himself, but for his kids when they get older.

"If you've got this cable in the wall, then you can access any kind of technology or services that are available today or that might be available in the future," Goldman says.

Although high-tech wiring has been more commonly found in upper-end homes, these homes in Holly Glen are more moderately priced. The houses range from $180,000 to $280,000.