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Price For Alcohol May Be Going Up; State Senate Unveils Liquor Tax Plan

Posted June 14, 2001 8:49 a.m. EDT

— The cost of your favorite adult beverage may be going up. Thestate Senateunveiled its liquor tax plan to a packed room.

Many observers wore pink buttons Wednesday afternoon that said, "Save Lives, Raise Revenues." The tax is designed to save jobs at the Department of Health and Human Services by raising $100 million to fill the budget holes.

"Our sin taxes are easy in a way. If you are going to vote for taxes, who is going to run against you and say, 'Vote David Hoyle or somebody out of office because they voted for that evil liquor," said Sen. David Hoyle (D-Gaston).

The Senate expects a heated debate before taking any vote on the proposed sin tax.