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Farmers On Alert After Blue Mold Spreads Throughout Tobacco Fields

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NASH COUNTY — Farmers have a case of the blues as blue mold is spreading throughout tobacco fields.

Farmers are spraying as fast as they can go, but in some areas, they are limited by the availability of the chemicals.

"We had three or four loads come in last week, and with what limited amount we could get our hands on, it was sold within the hour," says farm supply dealer Glenn Bridgers.

Waiting to see if the disease shows up in your field may be giving it the time it needs to get a toehold.

"It started a little earlier this year than usual, which means we have to protect the crop longer. It's been lingering here in Nash County about three to four weeks now and getting more widespread all the time," says Charlie Tyson, an agriculture agent from Nash County. "Once we see symptoms, we are already a week behind."

So far, blue mold has been found in at least 11 counties. With the remnants of Tropical Storm Allison heading to North Carolina, the risk for growers could be even greater.

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