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State Pledges To Clean Toxic Site In Warren County

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WARRENTON — It has been a fight that has dragged on for nearly 20 years. It captured world headlines and gave birth to the environmental justice movement, but now the people of Warren County are celebrating the end of that struggle -- the end of a toxic landfill.

In 1978, a transformer company dumped oil along 200 miles of North Carolina roads, oil laced with cancer-causing PCBs. The state scooped up the soil and hauled it to Warren County. Protestors tried to block the way. More than 20 years later, the state is finally cleaning it up.

"When you stand up and fight for something you know and believe in, things will happen," said activist Dollie Burwell.

The North Carolina legislature has set aside almost $10 million to clean the landfill. The process should begin early next year. When the cleanup is finished, Warren County hopes one day to turn the landfill into a recreation area.


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