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Cary Thrift Shop Is Target For Thieves

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CARY — A few dollars at a time, the Dorkas Thrift Shop raises money for families in crisis. But the store has been hit hard by thieves, and now Cary police are helping them to fight back.

"Some of the problems we're having with, believe it or not, mothers coming in with their kids and they're actually stuffing merchandise in with the babies," store manager Shirley Carrington says. "Or you'll see a gentleman come in with no coat and when he leaves he has one of our coats on."

Cary Police officer Bruce Dale suggests ways the store can cut crime. He recommends that volunteers check dressing rooms more often, and keep closer contact with customers.

"That's good customer relations," Dale says, "but it's also to make you aware that you're being watched and observed."

Dale points to the counter case enclosing small valuables, and the security mirror on the wall as good ways to defend the store. The thrift's computer is behind two sets of doors.

"This is perfect here, too," he says, looking at the back door. The store installed peep holes in doors, and steel plates near knobs.

"It's very difficult to get any pry bar in here," Dale says, inspecting the door.

Shrubs are trimed low to make a break-in obvious. All this is to protect worthy work from a would-be-thief.

"You're taking something from someone, revenue where we could be paying someone's light bill," Carrington says. "It's costing us and you're taking some food away from a child."

Many of those tips work on homes and apartments, too. If you live or work in Cary, you can get a crime prevention survey from the Cary Police Department for free.


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